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        Kiang Huat Sea Gull Trading Frozen Food Public Company Limited (KST) produces high quality frozen seafood products. It is situated at 4/2 Moo 3 Asian Highway no.43, Namom district, Songkhla province. The company has registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand(SET) and applied for the anti-corruption program of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Council. The company adheres to the following anti-corruption protocols;

       1. The company conducts business with integrity as a good organizational governance and the fair operation
           practices which upholds rigorous corruption prevention.
       2. The company does not involve in any political contributions. It has developed fair and transparent
           procedures concerning charity, sponsorship, gifts and hospitality without any direct or indirect corruption.
       3. The company supports all necessary resources for anti-corruption activities including financial budget,
           personnel, and facilities.
       4. The company continuously provides effective training and communicates of anti- corruption policies
           and practices to all staff, organizations, and the public.
       5. The company arranges the effective and safely whistle blowing procedures for all corruption issues.

Effective on February 26, 2015.

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Website : http://www.thai-cac.com


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